Houston Testimonials

“I have been practicing 25 years and have taken more depositions than there are stars in the sky…and Claudia Parker and Jayne Clark with Associated Reporting are as good as it gets.  Why do I say this?  First, there is the unparalleled competence.  The work is done right and it is done timely. It is always accurate.  I can devote my attention to my work and not worry if they are going to do their tasks correctly.  Second, there is elite professionalism.  Never late; never the petulant chatter or seeking of attention at breaks; never the vacant look as the witness talks about “thrombophlebitis” or “cholangiogram”.  They have been classy and in the legal trenches for a long time and they are proven deliverers of an excellent product.  I give them my highest recommendation and encourage you to give them a try….you won’t be sorry.”
– Calvert & Associates

“As a paralegal for a small firm, I love using Associated Court Reporters of Texas because they always make me look good…ACRTX treats me like I am their most important client on every transaction. Scheduling online is fast and easy, I can access all of my transcripts online, and they even have an iPhone app for working with transcripts on the go. Customer service is second to none, and I have a representative who knows me and is always available to answer a question or suggest a way to make my job easier. I have used other court reporting services in the past, and I have been burned when they don’t do their jobs properly. With ACRTX, I am always confident that my jobs will be done is the most professional manner. I recommend ACRTX to any firm, large or small, who is interested in great personal service at a great price.”
– Laura L. Summers
Paralegal for Randy L. Wooten

“Our firm always calls Associated Court Reporters for all of our court reporting, video services and subpoenas. Their professionalism and desire to accommodate is exceptional. We never use anyone else.”
– Barlow Jones, LLP

“I have worked with the folks at Associated Court Reports since the early 1990s. Jayne and Claudia have always provided excellent professional services to me and my clients. They are always willing to go the extra mile when necessary. The deposition transcripts provided are always top-notch and on time. Whenever I am asked to suggest a court reporting service, I have no hesitation in giving an excellent recommendation to this firm.”
– Jean Minck
Attorney at Law