Laura L. Summers, Paralegal for Randy L. Wooten

As a paralegal for a small firm, I love using Associated Court Reporters of Texas because they always make me look good…ACRTX treats me like I am their most important client on every transaction. Scheduling online is fast and easy, I can access all of my transcripts online, and they even have an iPhone app for working with transcripts on the go. Customer service is second to none, and I have a representative who knows me and is always available to answer a question or suggest a way to make my job easier. I have used other court reporting services in the past, and I have been burned when they don’t do their jobs properly. With ACRTX, I am always confident that my jobs will be done is the most professional manner. I recommend ACRTX to any firm, large or small, who is interested in great personal service at a great price.

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